about us

The Story of Timber Rivers

After 20 plus years in the wedding industry, Stacey decided to take a leap of faith and pursue her own venue. With her family and close friends in tow, we watched as her dreams unfolded before our eyes as the perfect river property became available, and her building was put up timber by timber. We watched, planned and prepared in those first months, and we prayed that God would allow us to serve in the best ways possible in this small little mountain town. 

Now we look back on those first few months, and see how we could never imagine the blessings that were waiting for us. Each bride, every family, the planning, the preparation, the (few)bad days, the (many) really good days, all the laughs, the love, the grace, the father/ daughter dances, the first sweet moments as husband and wife, flower girls dancing in the rain, Mommas crying as their sweet baby boys turn into husbands (yes Mommas we (Stacey) have been there (July 10th, 2021))- every memory, they are our greatest blessings, and what makes Timber Rivers, our passion.

the soul of timber rivers

The girls of Timber Rivers pour their heart and soul into the venue and Timber Rivers wouldn't be what it is without them.
These are the smiling faces you'll see when you celebrate with us.
We can't wait to meet you!

Stacey Dillard


Stacey, or Roxy as she's known to the Timber River girls, has coordinated and decorated in the wedding industry for over 20 years. During this time, we've lost count of how many times she's actually directed or decorated a wedding, but she loves any reason to celebrate so we'll just keep adding to the list! Stacey is native to Ashe County, NC and still resides here with her Husband, Brandon, two sons, Hunter and Kabel, and her favorite child, a golden doodle named June.
FUN FACT: Stacey is a member of most of the girls family tree
MOST LIKELY TO: have a connection or know a vendor for literally ANYTHING. 
SECRET TALENT: Using a zip tie to save the day, finding vintage furniture, and ACTUAL Pinterest perfect weddings
LOVER OF: Jesus, coffee, family, daisies, and the color yellow

Taylor Crouse


Taylor has crowned herself the queen of Timber Rivers - and she lives up to it everyday. Taylor is an Ashe native who, after a small stint in Buies Creek being a Campbell Camel, a couple of bachelor's and a master, realized she is the happiest when she's at Timber Rivers. She's been Roxy's sidekick (+ cousin) for a while now. She currently lives in Ashe County with her Husband, Jordan, their two golden doodles, Winnie + Ellie, and takes any opportunity to spoil her one and only niece. 
MOST LIKELY TO: Hand you a detailed spreadsheet, make the groomsmen empty their pockets + bridesmaids remove hair bands for photos.
SECRET TALENT: Making friends with all the guests
LOVER OF: Jesus, gold foil Christmas trees, family, Disney, Dolly, a DIY (aka a phone call to dad) and polka dots.

Lauren Barnes


Teacher by day, Lauren is Timber Rivers right hand woman by night - or literally whenever you need her. Lauren hails from Sparta, NC but has been a long time lover of Ashe County, and comes running whenever we call. She's an App State Mountaineer with a gold star nephew and a precious golden doodle, June.
MOST LIKELY TO: perfectly hang a sheer from a tree, give you the exact words of encouragement that you need, save the day with a bobby pin
LOVER OF: Jesus, coffee, Dolly Parton, family & gal pals
SECRET TALENT: braiding hair + climbing in trees

Alex Barker


Alex is our hero - both at Timber Rivers, but also our public health hero. Alex was born and raised in Ashe County. A true lover of Ashe's heritage and music, she currently still resides here with her two pups - a german shepherd and a border collie. She would rather buy loved with a story, then new with a barcode. She always makes us laugh and is down to do whatever we ask, whenever we ask it!
MOST LIKELY TO: Climb on the roof, know how to use power tools
LOVER OF: Jesus, vintage Santa mugs, anything with a really good story, an actual DIY project, Dolly Parton and ever single person she meets
SECRET TALENT: literally everything, she FIXES EVERYTHING

Emily Sheets


Emily is an educator by day, wrestling mom by night, and a Timber Rivers girl all the time. While not a native of Ashe County, she has lived here long enough to know it's home. Emily has two sons, and the sweetest golden named Molly.
MOST LIKELY TO: know the best way to haul ceremony site chairs, show guests a line dance
LOVER OF: Jesus, llamas, mexican food, family, football and the USA
SECRET TALENT: mix-matching China so it coordinates

Natalie Little


Natalie is our youngest Timber Rivers girl. She is currently a student at Appalachian State University. Natalie is a native of Ashe County and her little sister is her best pal. She is known as one of our “chameleons” meaning she will do it all! Even though this is her first year with us, we know she is a timber rivers girl for life!
MOST LIKELY TO: be nominated for VIP by the youngest members of the bridal party (flower girls + ring bearer)
LOVER OF: Jesus, wildflowers, western wear and a day spent on the river
SECRET TALENT: lining up ceremony chairs, rolling the silverware PERFECTLY